Google has announced its generative AI for Google Workspace, called Google Duet. This provides functionality for users to use advanced AI features within the web app itself. You may have heard of Bard, a standalone AGI as Chatbot, SGE as Google Search and Assistant as Assistant With Bard. It is still limited to content generation, but it is indeed useful for getting started and also for brainstorming.

You can start using advanced AI to rewrite text, adjust tone, compose new emails, and generate text with natural language prompts. For this, the company uses Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Application), based on Google’s next generation journey, Language Model 2 (PaLM 2), which is quite similar to ChatGPT 4. Today in this article we will share a guide on how you can use Google Bard Duet in Google Workspace.

What is Google Bard Duet?

It is an advanced generative AI that can perform tasks and also help users be more productive in their workspace. You’ll find the ‘Help Me Write Prompt’ option in Gmail, as this is currently in beta, and you can sign up for Google Labs. The company will expand its features and capabilities over time. Google Duet is generally faster than other competitors such as ChatGPT. However, you still need to confirm the information.

You can use Google Duet for basic functionality with natural language prompts. This includes functions to compose documents or text fragments based on prompts, rewrite the text and expand existing pages. Users also have the option to customize prompts, which can be used for functions such as rewriting text, proofreading text for grammar errors, checking for plagiarism, and other tasks.

Remark: Google Duet generated text may be inaccurate and contain incorrect facts, especially if more information is needed.

How to use Google Duet in Gmail

You can start using Google Duet; it is helpful in drafting. It has several options that help with draft writing, customization, and more.

  1. Open Gmail and click the Compose button.
  2. From there you will have a button for ‘Help me write’. Click on it to open.
  3. Next, there is a text area where you need to write the text prompt.
  4. After submitting, processing will start and a message will be issued to you.
  5. If you don’t like the depth, you do have the option to recreate and adjust the tone.
  6. Then you can edit the existing text after you enter the insertion, and then that text is entered for composing.
  7. After the AI-generated text is inserted, the original email will appear at the top and the newly generated text at the bottom.
  8. Edit further as per your requirements, and once you are done editing, you can now click send to send the message.

You can also use Google Bard (Duet) to answer and compose new emails with simple prompts. Because you are already in an email conversation, the previous emails are put into context to compose the generated text. Google Duet records the details of the previous conversation to continue writing the response.

  1. Open Gmail and go to the email you want to use Google Bard (Duet) to reply to.
  2. Click answer and then use the ‘Help me write’ button to open a text area where you can write the prompt in natural language.
  3. Then insert the generated content, replace the necessary details as per your preference and then click reply.

Use Google Duet in Docs

You can use advanced AI for your documents; you can use it to create, recreate or refine directly in your documents, both new and existing.


  1. Open Google Docs. Create your document there by clicking + Blank to create a new document or open an existing document.
  2. There you will find the ‘Help me write’ button, which will open the text area where you can write the prompt in natural language.
  3. If you don’t like the text written with the AI, you can use the option to recreate it, or you can also use the ‘Refine’ button to adjust the tone.
  4. After you’re done with the draft, click “Insert” to add text to the document. Then edit the document according to your preferences.

Furthermore, you can also use Google Duet to create new documents and modify existing documents. You have the option to change the tone and add more content accordingly.

  1. In your existing documents, you can use the pen icon on the left side of the page that says “Help me write.”
  2. Clicking “Help me write” will open the text area where you can type the natural language prompt and click “Create”.
  3. Then you can compose the text content and then refine it. There is also an option to recreate and further customize the existing text by highlighting passages.
  4. You can then replace the old passage with the new one. If you’re not satisfied, you can use other options, including ‘recreate’ and ‘refine’, to further customize the passage.

How to use Google Duet in Sheets

Spreadsheet files contain a lot of data to analyze and can be organized using the ‘Help me organize’ button, which allows users to create templates.


  1. Open Google Sheets and then click the ‘+’ button to create a new spreadsheet or use an existing spreadsheet.
  2. Then in the top right corner you have the option for the ‘Help me organize’ sidebar.
  3. After this, in the text area, write the text prompt in Natural Prompt and then create a template.
  4. Once you are happy with the draft, click “Insert” and continue editing.

You can start using the spreadsheet to adjust and analyze the data. During use, it may take some time for the request to be processed. Google Duet also includes the ability to submit formulas or functions. If errors are displayed, the request cannot be processed. Moreover, you can create a profile and a loss tracker, and you can also customize it with some formulas to make it worth your while.

  1. To use functions or formulas,
  2. In the sidebar, click “Help Me Organize” and enter the prompt, for example, “Profit and Loss Tracking for a Laundromat.”
  3. Then click on “Template” and then on “Insert”.
  4. Then you can adjust the cells accordingly to refine.

How to use Google Duet in slides

You can use Google Duet to add visualizations to slides. However, currently it is not working as expected. Using Google Duet in Slides is very similar to using Google Duet.


  1. Open Google Slides and click the “+” button to start a new page for the presentation.
  2. In the sidebar you will find a text box with a text area option.
  3. Write the natural language prompt in “Help me visualize” and click “Add Style” to process it.
  4. At the bottom you will see different styles to choose from. Clicking on a style adds it to the slides.
  5. If you’re not satisfied, use the sidebar to enter the prompt and then click “Create.”
  6. You may also be asked to create an image using the “Create” option prompt. Can you wait until it is processed?
  7. Drag the image onto your slides and move and resize it as needed.

You can also make changes to existing slides and customize them further. This makes it easier for users when creating documents, worksheets, slides or composing emails.


If you prefer dark mode with Google Bard, you can switch to light mode from the settings. Google Duet is not comparable to Google Bard. It’s a standalone app, while Duet is an AGI for Workspace tailored to specific tasks. You can only use Google Bard (Duet) with Google Workspace; it does not work with other products and features such as Microsoft Word, Docs, Excel, etc.

For Microsoft 365 this is called CoPilot. Google’s Bard is an integration for Google Workspace, including Gmail, Docs and other similar services, that is said to be expanding to everyone. These are intelligent methods for using generative AI. You can explore Google Workspace accordingly.

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