The AI ​​Safety Summit 2023 is a major global event aimed at coordinating international action to ensure the safe and ethical development of artificial intelligence (AI). The summit will take place on November 1 and 2, 2023 at Bletchley Park in the UK and will bring together key stakeholders from governments, leading AI companies, civil society organizations and academic experts. For those interested in following the discussions and outcomes of this historic summit, here is a guide on how to watch the AI ​​Safety Summit 2023 live.

Introduction to the AI ​​Safety Summit 2023

As artificial intelligence systems become more powerful and ubiquitous, concerns about their potential risks have increased. How can we ensure that advanced AI remains safe, unbiased and aligned with human values? To answer these pressing questions, the British Prime Minister [Name] will host the AI ​​Safety Summit 2023 in November at historic Bletchley Park, where cryptanalysts cracked the Nazi Enigma code during World War II.

The summit aims to encourage coordinated action between countries, researchers and technology companies to mitigate the risks of advanced AI. With approximately 100 invited participants, the summit will focus on reaching consensus on targeted measures to promote AI safety. The event has five main objectives:

  1. Build a shared understanding of frontier AI risks.
  2. Map processes for ongoing international collaboration.
  3. Make agreements about appropriate safety measures for organizations.
  4. Identify areas to collaborate on safety research.
  5. Show how secure AI enables broader benefits.

For the audience interested in following the discussions, here are the options available to watch the AI ​​Safety Summit 2023 live.

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Livestream of keynote speeches

According to the event’s introduction on the UK government website, there will be a livestream broadcast of keynote speeches during the summit. This allows the public to view key announcements and perspectives from political, industry and thought leaders on AI safety in real time.

Details about the livestream, including exactly which sessions will be streamed, will likely be shared closer to the event date. The livestream will be accessible on the summit’s official website, and possibly also via major media outlets.

Online preview event

Although the summit itself has limited access, a public online preview event took place on September 23, 2023. Organized by the UK Node in partnership with London Futurists, “Bletchley Park AI Safety Summit: A Preview” previewed the in-store discussions.

The preview event featured panelists from various areas of technology, policy and ethics, highlighting the perspectives they plan to share with political leaders at the summit. The 1.5-hour session can still be viewed online to understand the priorities experts want to address for safe AI development.

Personal presence

For those who can attend directly, the AI ​​Safety Summit 2023 will take place over two days on November 1 and 2 at Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park, located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, is an iconic location where secret Government Code and Cipher School operations took place during the Second World War.

In-person attendance is limited to approximately 100 invited participants, including government leaders, technology industry executives, academic researchers, policy experts and civil society representatives. Because public access is limited, participation requires an invitation from the summit organizers.

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How to watch AI Safety Summit 2023 live?

Here are the top ways to watch the AI ​​Safety Summit 2023 live:

Live stream

  • There will be a livestream of keynote speeches and selected sessions from the summit. This will likely be available on the summit’s official website and in major media outlets.
  • The livestream will allow the public to view key announcements and perspectives on AI safety from thought leaders in real time.

Online preview event

  • An online preview event called “Bletchley Park AI Safety Summit: A Preview” took place on September 23, 2023.
  • During this 1.5-hour event, experts discussed the AI ​​security priorities they plan to address at the summit. It can still be viewed online.


  • In-person attendance at Bletchley Park is limited to approximately 100 invited participants from governments, businesses, academia and civil society.
  • The audience cannot attend directly in person, but can participate virtually through the livestream and online content.

Summary of the AI ​​Safety Summit event focus

In summary, the AI ​​Safety Summit 2023 aims to convene international stakeholders to coordinate action to ensure AI remains safe and trusted by society. Here you will find an overview of the most important areas of interest:

  • The summit will include discussions on risks specifically created or exacerbated by advanced, highly capable AI systems. Instead of general AI ethics, it will focus on urgent, short-term security challenges.
  • Both during and after the summit, there will be a push for collective action on policy, governance and technical measures to mitigate AI risks.
  • Keynotes and panels will discuss appropriate security practices for government and private sector AI development. Standards for testing, monitoring and surveillance will be discussed.
  • Exploring opportunities for international collaboration in AI safety research will be a priority, including evaluating modeling opportunities and creating shared toolkits.
  • The summit will also demonstrate how secure AI unlocks innovation and benefits for healthcare, transportation, climate change and other areas.

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