The latest AI photo trend to pop up online could give your selfies a ’90s makeover. But is this AI yearbook free to try? Let’s take a look at what’s driving the nostalgia yearbook craze.

What is Yearbook AI?

Yearbook AI refers to artificial intelligence technology used to generate vintage-style yearbook photos. It’s become a popular trend on social media, with apps like Epik allowing users to turn their selfies into nostalgic senior portraits reminiscent of the 1990s.

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Some important things to know about Yearbook AI:

  • It uses neural networks trained on real yearbook photos from the 1990s to edit users’ selfies in the style of the time. This includes changes in hairstyle, fashion, color and photography techniques.
  • The pioneering app behind this trend is Epik, which uses AI to transform ordinary selfies into retro-filtered blasts from the past.
  • To perform the edits, users simply upload selfies to Epik, select their gender for style preferences and let the AI ​​work its magic.
  • The algorithms study the portrait data and make computational changes to recreate 90s senior portraits, such as smoothing skin, adjusting hair, dyeing colors, etc.
  • It allows people to digitally cosplay in the iconic teen trends and aesthetics of the 1990s.
  • The mix of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology has made Yearbook AI a hugely popular social phenomenon.

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The AI ​​yearbook sensation

Social feeds everywhere are flooded with AI-generated yearbook-style portraits. The images transform people’s selfies into photo classics with the background, hair, clothing and photography styles of the 1990s.

This trip down memory lane is thanks to photo editing apps like EPIK. Their algorithms analyze and alter images to make them look like they came straight out of a vintage high school yearbook.

The app behind it

The EPIK app leads the AI ​​yearbook costs. Their software uses AI to turn ordinary selfies into nostalgic blasts from the past.

Users can easily access the AI ​​Yearbook tool and upload a selection of selfies. After choosing the gender for the styling, the AI ​​works its magic to create a classic ’90s senior portrait.

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Is it free to use?

Here’s the catch: While you can download EPIK for free, the AI ​​yearbook feature requires an in-app purchase.

According to the App Store listing, users will have to pay up to $9.99 to generate the retro photos. So the viral sensation comes at a price.

How does Yearbook AI work?

The AI ​​transformation process, powered by EPIK, goes as follows:

Download the app

Go to the App Store and download the EPIK app for free. This provides the gateway to the AI ​​editing tools.

Find the Yearbook tab

Open the app and select the AI ​​Yearbook tab to find the vintage photo generator.

Upload selfies

For best results, upload 8 to 12 recent selfies with different poses and angles.

Confirm your gender

Choose male or female so the AI ​​style matches your preferences.

Pay the fee

Make the in-app purchase that unlocks the AI ​​Yearbook Generator. Costs range up to $9.99.

Generate your photo

Let EPIK work its neural network magic to create your senior portrait!

Refine and complete

Choose a favorite and refine it further before finalizing your photo.

What happens to uploads?

According to EPIK, selfies are immediately deleted from their servers after the AI ​​generates each photo. So users don’t have to worry about their images being saved.

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AI with creative control

Part of the appeal of apps like EPIK is the control they give users over their photos. Its AI capabilities combine with editing tools to enhance images like never before.

It goes beyond automated filters and lets people actively transform their selfies through AI. This offers new ways to tap into creativity and nostalgia through technology.

It comes down to

The ability to digitally time travel to the 90s makes for an attractive social trend. But the AI ​​yearbook sensation does come at a price. While the Gateway app is free, the Vintage Photo Generator incurs an in-app fee. For many, the prize is worth the creativity and fun of stepping into a digital time machine back to the 90s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the AI ​​yearbook trend free?

No, while you can download the app for free, generating the AI ​​yearbook image requires a paid in-app purchase, typically around $9.99.

Which app is used to take the AI ​​photos?

The EPIK app is the most popular app used to take AI-powered yearbook selfies.

How does the app make the photos look retro?

EPIK uses AI algorithms trained on real yearbook photos from the 1990s to digitally alter the appearance of users’ selfies, editing hairstyles, clothing, colors and more.

What happens to the selfies I upload?

According to EPIK, the selfies are immediately deleted from their servers after the AI ​​generates each yearbook photo.

Why should you choose your gender?

Users select their gender so that the AI ​​style edits are tailored to the appearance of the male or female yearbook.

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